Girls & Corpses Magazine EEE!

31 08 2008

Sweet news, I will be in the Halloween issue of Girls & Corpses magazine. I’m Very excited! I’ll let everyone know when its out.. or you tell me! because I am not really sure myself, hehe.

Oh, and I made the Founder/Publisher a dolly too, check it out =)

Halloween is Coming – Mummy!!

22 08 2008

Well here he is! All complete and ready to scare people hehe.
Mr. Mummy Man. He is nameless!~ If you have any name suggestions please send them my way =)
I have the mummy up on ebay if you want to check him out. RARR!!

Enjoy your weekend!

mm mmm Good!

20 08 2008

I LOVE junk food!

If only I didn’t get tummy aches! I would live off of candy, chocolate, cake
and ice cream.
mm mmm Good!

My awesome-o sugar cookies. What are your favs?


WIP – Mummy

9 08 2008

Just another sneak peak of some things I am working on.
I have been slacking a lot this summer but I hope to get back into my art very soon.

Emo Boys

4 08 2008

Finally something new to post!

i like suicide mixed with jesus christ
– scars on broadway