RIP NAD : HELLO The Morbid Dollhouse!

11 06 2012

I have updated my artist name to The Morbid Dollhouse.
Please search The Morbid Dollhouse when you are looking for me online!

Please Note: This blog is dead and no longer in use. I’m just writing this last time to post my new links and here they are!!


Creepy Dolls, Horror Dolls, Blood Guts and More!

I moved to Blogger

30 06 2009

Join me at my new blog!!!


26 06 2009

Hey peeps. I am moving over to blogger.
I thought I would give it a try,
so common over and leave me some comments =p

Handmade Doll – Birthday Gifts

31 05 2009

This girly is for my mothers birthday that is coming up in June. I gave it her hair style haha, I hope she likes her.

Doll birthday gifts

She Has Hair!

20 05 2009

ooak handmade art dolls

New This Week

10 05 2009

Here is a sample shot of the doll I am currently working on. She will not come with that ugly head! That’s another doll I might make. It is so ugly that it makes me laugh hah! I am just making bodies this weekend because I lent out my machine so my work is kind of on hold. But no biggy because I am the biggest procrastinator anyways.

ooak handmade art dolls

Finally A New Piece

4 05 2009


creepy doll art - alina